Credit Check

Check your Canadian Credit Score

Good credit, bad credit or no credit, which do you have? Before you apply for a loan in Canada check your credit report and find out.

Whether you want to repair damaged credit, understand your credit score or just apply for a car loan, getting your Canadian credit report can give you an advantage!

With your Canadian Credit Report you’ll get to:

  • Protect Your Credit – Review and monitor your credit score
  • Analyze Your Credit History – See what the banks see when you apply
  • Gain Peace of Mind – Rest easy knowing your credit file is accurate
  • Secure Your Identity – Protect your credit from fraud & identity theft
  • Understand Your Credit – Learn how to manage your credit better

About Credit Reports in Canada

A consumer credit file acts as a report card for your credit history. For a detail look into consumer credit reporting in Canada see our credit reporting article or visit the Canadian Credit Education Center at Check Your Credit First Canada.

Learn About your Credit Report

Learn how the Canadian credit bureau’s gather your personal details and credit history to rate your credit and store your credit information. These Any Bad Credit Canada articles give an insiders perspective on bankruptcy law in Canada, bad credit and how they affect your credit rating.

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