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Bad Credit Car Loans

For many Canadians having bad or maxed out credit eliminates the best auto financing options and filing a bankruptcy can make getting a car loan almost impossible. Thankfully there are ways to get approved for a car loan no matter how bad your credit is.

Any Bad Credit Canada has real experience with bad credit car loans and special finance companies in Canada. Take the risk out of applying by learning how to get a car loan with any type of bad credit!

Canadian Auto Financing

Any Bad Credit Canada is specialized in all types of bad credit, from bankruptcy to auto loan repossession. Before you apply for a car loan, learn all about your bad credit and how to get approved:

  • Bankruptcy Car Loans – Canadian’s can get approved for a bankrupt car loan!
  • Vehicle Repossession in Canada – What happens before and after your car is repo’d
  • Bad Credit Car Loans – Subprime car loans, special finance loans & in house leasing
  • After Bankruptcy Auto Loans – An after bankruptcy auto loan can rebuild credit
  • TDSR and Car Loans – Understand how your total debt service ratio works
  • Your First Car Loan – A guide for young buyers and their first car loan

Cars Loans in Bankruptcy

In Canada, no matter how bad your credit is you can get approved for a car loan – even in bankruptcy or consumer proposal. Visit our bankruptcy partners and find out how to get approved for an auto loan in bankruptcy, consumer proposal car loan or after bankruptcy car loan:

Get your Online Credit Report in Canada

Every time you apply for a car loan someone is checking your credit. Don’t go car shopping unprepared, shop for your auto loan knowing what type of credit you have.

Get your full Canadian credit report and your credit score online with Check Your Credit First Canada.

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