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Bad Credit Approved in Bankruptcy

Our goal at Any Bad Credit Canada is to provide Canadians access to the most important bankruptcy and consumer proposal information available and to help provide them with enough information to make the right choices when it comes to filing bankruptcy, making a consumer proposal or applying for a loan in bankruptcy.

With access to important definitions, bankruptcy facts and bankruptcy information a Canadian considering bankruptcy or looking to rebuild credit after bankruptcy can make an informed decision.

Before you file bankruptcy or apply for a bankruptcy loan, it’s important to learn about bankruptcy law in Canada and get a true understanding of how bankruptcy or consumer proposal will affect you and your financial future.

Bankruptcy in Canada

Learn how bankruptcy works and understand what bankruptcy means for consumers and their creditors by reading our Bankruptcy Definition.

Consumer Proposal

Bankruptcy isn’t the only way to absolve debt and recover from bad credit. In Canada there are different ways to avoid bankruptcy and one of those options is to make a consumer proposal. While still part of the “bankruptcy family”, a consumer proposal is significantly different than bankruptcy. Check out our Consumer Proposal Definition for more details.

Canadian Bankruptcy Information

Check out these great bankruptcy articles from Any Bad Credit Canada.

Find Bankruptcy Loans in Canada

Bankruptcy and consumer proposal can hurt your credit, put your life on hold or cost you money. Having a bankruptcy on your credit bureau can also prevent you from getting additional financing. Thankfully there are solutions that can help you get approved in bankruptcy or after bankruptcy.

With the right knowledge you can get approved in bankruptcy or get approved after and start re-establishing your credit. Check out some of our bad credit and bankruptcy partners and learn how to get approved for a bankruptcy loan today!

  • Bankrupt Car Loans – One of the best Canadian bankruptcy faq’s available online. This free bankruptcy and car loan resource has real advice and tips for getting a car loan in bankruptcy!
  • Bankrupt Auto Loans – A free Canadian website dedicated to defining bankruptcy in Canada, sharing bankruptcy facts and helping Canadian’s get approved for after bankruptcy auto loans.

Bankruptcy and your Credit Report

Bankruptcy, consumer proposal and credit counselling report  to both Canadian credit bureaus. They also have a major impact on your credit rating. For this reason alone its important to make sure your insolvency status is reporting accurately on your credit file.

Don’t leave it up to your trustee in bankruptcy, take the time to check your credit and confirm your personal bankruptcy information is correct. Visit Check Your Credit First Canada and get your credit report today!

Disclaimer: If you’re bankrupt and looking for financing or considering a bankruptcy, it is important you contact a qualified trustee in bankruptcy for counsel. The bankruptcy and consumer proposal content at is for education purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice.

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